Photographer’s Journey: The opposite of tension

Orgasms can be great stress relievers. Here’s an excerpt from our book Orgasm in which Marion talks about how orgasms helped protecting her health and sanity:

“I was a student and felt under pressure, both to produce good results and time pressure. At the same time, I was in the middle of a big personal dilemma: a married man with two children wanted to begin a relationship with me. This was against my education and my principles. However, I trusted him and we had a strong relationship. In this situation tension built up. I would then go to the toilet and bring myself to orgasm. Those were my strongest orgasms. Sometimes I could no longer feel any pain. I felt so tense that a knife-point wouldn’t have any affect against my tension. I did it again and again in order to be able to work. I was lucky that I found this solution, or else I might have become ill. It helped me to continue to function in my life.”

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller