Photographer’s Journey: Learning a valuable lesson from one of my models

One of the interviews Marion Schneider did for our book Erotic Lives of Women was with Val. After her interview, I wondered how I could photograph this active woman. In her apartment she had exercise equipment and sport trophies. Yet Val explained during her interview that since entering her 50’s she no longer had her tight skin. To cope with this, she told me, she always wears black stockings and a black camisole which covers the little belly she can’t get rid of with exercise anymore. She said that it’s erotic to present the assets of your body conveying its most pleasing, arousing features.

I often use her advice myself. I’ve been told that I have beautiful eyes. They are green with good lashes. They’re an asset though I now have crow’s feet wrinkles. Thanks to Val, I take the time to enhance my eyes with eye shadow, eyeliner and lash color which I didn’t do when I was younger. People notice if I don’t put make-up on and remark: you look pale today, or: you look tired. Personally, I feel stronger when my ‘visage’ can hold a listener’s interest. That’s why Val’s advice is a real value for me.

Written by Linda Troeller

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller