Bodyfeeling in a book: Reconnecting with nature and your own body with “Orgasm”

The last century brought a decisive break in the bond between humans and nature. In previous centuries most of mankind depended on nature to feed them, however now a minority of people feeds the majority. There are children who have never seen a cow and think that milk comes from a factory. Babies can now be created by science and medicine.


Humankind’s mastering of the world is also its exploitation. This affects our attitude towards our own body. Like nature, for many the body is a tool which should be mastered, something that must be controlled. For others it is a vessel, a garbage bin, into which all manners of aggression can be channelled, which is less harmful than directing aggression towards others. The result is that the body is regarded almost as a separate entity, which to ignore becomes increasingly uncomfortable.


A smaller minority has chosen to concentrate on the body itself for its own radiance and beauty. Either they are ‘stars’, highly paid for the physical beauty they radiate, and an object of desire for many, or they have chosen to explicitly explore the body to heal themselves, to heal others or to teach others to heal.


A break with nature means a loss of understanding and ultimately leads to fear of nature as an unknown quantity. The two reactions to fear are fight or flight. Spontaneously, it is easier to ‘flee’ the body, to ignore it, to live in taboos and stereotypes. However, this behaviour heightens fear still further as the body is an active entity. The decision to explore the body is an exploration of one’s self, as well as of others, of our animal nature, our natural surroundings and the universe. It is a demanding challenge requiring thoughtful guidance which is not yet offered by our education system.


Our book Orgasm aims to express female nature, unveil the interplay of body, mind and soul and delve deeply into the heart of our existence. It seeks to demonstrate that there is no need for fear in the face of happiness. Nature is beautiful and all we need is the boldness to look at it and we will find our freedom. The very moment we recognise nature as it is, paradise will be lost and we will regain control, the moment we live and feel nature, we re-enter the Garden of Eden but relinquish control.


In a time in which belief and conservative action on one hand and liberalism and the exploration of freedom on the other seem to be deadly enemies, we need to stop and reflect, to look at the reality around us, without prejudice and without expectation. Our book allows us to be inspired and enlightened by personal truth, beauty and wisdom. The pages of the book are filled with generosity and honesty, the generosity to share personal experience with complete strangers, the readers, and the honesty to ask for their appreciation and acceptance. We think that the readers will value this.


Written by Marion Schneider

Featured Image by Linda Troeller: Pictured is Marion Schneider holding the books Erotic Lives of Women and Orgasmus