Orgasm and Wellness

The spa and wellness industry’s core business is the care for mind, body and soul of their customers. As we know today, mind, body and soul cannot be separated. What happens to one part of me happens to all of me and even to all of us as we are all connected.

Many of us know about the chakras and the power of these basic energy centers. The first chakra – where the sexual energy is located – is the basic one, connecting us to the earth but also to our recreation and reproduction. Nobody can completely ignore this – and the older a man or woman gets, the more powerful the sexual energy drives her or him. This only declines when the power of reproduction is reduced by the decline of our hormones in older age.

Spa and wellness treatments help guests and patients to deal better with their energy, to find balance and harmony within themselves and within their family and community. This definitely includes all parts of the human body. Spa treatments address the body holistically (the whole body) or specifically (parts of the body). This is creating reactions of our body, mind and spirit.

Apart from childbirth and pains created due to other reasons the orgasm is the most intense positive bodyfeeling a woman can experience. It is extremely pleasurable if the woman is relaxed and willing to receive. Orgasm in a safe environment creates happiness and helps women to let go. It is the ultimate stress relief – and also the ultimate taboo. That is the reason why we start the discussion about sexual energy – to help women to find themselves and their freedom and thus their ability to fully love themselves and their loved ones.

Written by Marion Schneider

Featured image copyright by Linda Troeller