A Sexy New Year’s Resolution

We hope you had wonderful holidays and are healthy, happy and excited for the new year! Around this time of the year many of us set up resolutions about how to finally achieve our goals and become the person we want to be in 2019. But in all your planning for doing more sport, getting that promotion, removing your make-up before bed or whatever you set out to achieve in the new year, don’t forget your sexual self-care.

No matter if you’re single, committed or something in between your sex life is a central part to your happiness. And with sex life I don’t simply mean having sex but also having fun with yourself, indulging in erotic moments and feeling sexy. In this sense here’s an idea for a very sexy new year’s resolution:

In 2019 do something that makes you feel sexy every single day.

What makes you feel sexy varies from person to person. You might want to put on your favorite lipstick which is a shade darker than your everyday one. You might want to read a chapter in an erotic book before you go to bed. You might want to twerk in front of the mirror. You might want to walk around naked. It can be very small things of 10 minutes or less which give you the feeling of being sexy. Try it for January and see how it improves your life! It might also increase your sex drive and therefore bring more sex into your life. At the very least it will relax you because concentrating on your sexiness kills stress.

Try our sexy new year’s resolution with us and let us know how it goes!

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Written by Sunita Sukhana

Featured image by Linda Troeller